Industry Overview

People around the world are looking for ways of staying healthy that fit into their lifestyles. A revamped diet is essential because many foods lack certain proteins and nutrients needed to reduce the risk of contracting chronic illness. This explains why consumers are turning to dairy nutritional and nutraceutical products to gain their associated health benefits.

Dairy Nutritional and Nutraceutical Market Industry Trends

Dairy nutritional and nutraceutical ingredients are often placed into infant nutrition products, clinical nutrition products and sports nutrition to provide more functional benefits without sacrificing taste. In addition, they may also be used as a nutritional supplement for consumers whose daily diet will not provide the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fat.

The most highly sought-after dairy ingredients are whey protein and casein protein. Dairy nutritional and nutraceutical benefits have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease, as well as promoting healthy bone growth for infants. These types of ingredient are considered dietetic food for special purpose (FSP) and food for special medical purpose (FSMP) that allows for dietary management of illnesses and medical conditions in adults, the elderly and infants. For these reasons, the global market demand for dairy ingredients has been astronomical.

National Healthcare Cost
Reductions Found with
Dairy Ingredients

As the population lives longer and grows older, finding more cost-effective nutritional options is essential for healthier lifestyles. Rising healthcare costs can put people in a bind on what products they can afford to buy that offer all the necessary health benefits.

By the same token, consumers are more aware of contamination of food products from unreliable sources. Instead, they are actively looking for safe products from trusted sources as the food is free from additives while possessing more natural ingredients.

Premium-Quality Dairy Nutraceutical and Nutrient Products Made in New Zealand

It’s for these reasons that people are flocking to dairy nutraceutical and nutrient products made in New Zealand, trusting in the experience that the companies that manufacture them have acquired from over 130 years exporting dairy ingredients and products. In addition, New Zealand has high standards in food safety and animal welfare, as they show regulatory credibility by meeting and exceeding all compliance regulations set up in global regions.

New Zealand adopts a low-cost, predominantly pasture-based dairy production system that has allowed the country to take a strong global market position outside Europe and North America and become an industry leader in Australasia/Oceania. Due to their expertise and innovation in geographical areas, New Zealand is also able to aggressively compete in the functional foods and nutraceuticals market and export products to every location around the world.

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